Voter Fraud Fraud

If you live in a state with a “Voter I.D.” measure coming up on the ballot, please vote no, and please tell your representatives you’d like them to stop wasting their time on this garbage. It’s bad legislation to “fix” a nonexistent problem.

I am a pragmatic independent. I’m tired of all this hype and fear-mongering. All it does is distract us from the real issues and give each side more excuses to dehumanize and hate those they disagree with. There is real information out there about this issue that anyone can take the time to look at.

Here is a searchable database of every accused case of election fraud in this country going back to 2000. It’s really neat – you can click on various narrowing criteria on the left-hand side and see how many cases come up.

It turns out that there have been about 10 convicted cases of in-person voter fraud that would have been prevented by these laws.

10 cases.

Since 2000.

That’s less than one case per year, for the entire country.

Is it really worth it for us to be paying our legislators to argue about this kind of irrelevant bullshit when we are looking down the barrel of another great depression? Don’t they have better things to do?

Oh, I forgot. All they care about is keeping their cushy jobs and climbing the ladder to K-Street heaven.

Maybe you don’t think it’s a big deal to have to show I.D. to vote, but let me ask you this: Do you believe a person should have to pay to vote? Because government identification is not free, at least not in Minnesota, where I live. So to require an I.D. is tantamount to a poll tax. There are a lot of people who simply cannot afford to put down $35 to buy an I.D., not to mention the fact that you have to take time to go to the DMV, which is open during normal business hours when lots of people are working.

Look, if there really was a big problem with in-person voter fraud, then I’d be open to looking at a voter I.D. law, but the facts just don’t bear it out. It’s not a real issue. It looks to me like a red herring designed to conveniently prevent certain segments of the population from voting.

Here’s a nifty infographic to put it all together.

Again, I am an independent, interested in seeing that everyone gets their say – even those I disagree with. These disingenuous “voter fraud” campaigns are bad policy and should be exposed for the bullshit, politically-motivated distractions they are. Don’t believe the hype.