The Coarse Cut is a blog for people whose mission in life is to take nothing for granted. Here, you will find no easy answers, no sacred cows, and no “smiling and nodding”. This project aims to shake foundations, challenge assumptions, and incite growth; both in the audience and in the author. It is an attempt to create a space in which people can engage in honest discourse in good faith, even on topics where passions and tempers often run high. Especially on those topics.

Don’t bring your resume. Leave your badges and certificates at the door. In here, your ideas speak for themselves. Don’t forget to pack your capacity for nuanced thinking and your willingness to own your errors. Oh, and your sense of humor. Don’t forget your sense of humor. There is nothing so serious that it must always be taken seriously, and sometimes to laugh at something is a perfectly acceptable way to take it seriously. Especially when that something is yourself.

Welcome to the Cut.

About the author:
This is the part where I’m supposed to type something pretentious about myself, in the third person, so it doesn’t sound like I’m bragging. Or something. I’m not going to do that. I’m going to do this instead:

My name is Carlin Polaszek. I’ve been around the blogosphere before, as Carrie Iwan, or carr2d2 (I still use this handle on Facebook and Twitter). I used to write for a blog called Skepchick. They’re still around, and they’re still doing a lot of good stuff. I left about a year ago, for personal reasons. Since then, I’ve remarried and I decided to take back my “maiden” name, as well as change my first and middle names, because, hey, free name change! I’ve never been comfortable having a diminutive for a first name. So I changed from Carrie Lynn to Carlin Rosalia. I won’t bore you with the story behind that. You can ask if you’re curious. This is already getting long and technical. In any case, for the purposes of casual conversation, you can call me Carrie.

I am a thirty-something city-dweller with a small-town heart, a blue collar, and a worldly mind. I’ve been wandering in and out of college for fifteen years now, and I’ve still not bought in. I can’t shake the feeling that it’s all just so much hoop-jumping. I have a pile of credits, an associate’s degree, and too many questions.

For the past twelve years or so, I’ve been doing construction work to pay the bills. I followed my dad’s footsteps into the pipe insulation business, and despite my love/hate relationship with it, it’s mostly been a good thing. I build things out of sheet metal. It’s cool.

But I’m one of those overgrown “gifted” kids who haven’t quite blossomed. Even though I’m a materialist whose general view of the Purpose of the Universe is some variation on “Shit Happens”, I’ve always felt this sense of fate hanging over me; that I’m supposed to do something amazing with my life, but I’m still trying to work out what that might be. Maybe most people give that up by the time they’re my age, but not me. It might be naive and silly, but I only get to do this once. I’m not going to waste it on picket fences and doggie clothes and American Idol.

Maybe this blog will set me on the path to That Amazing Thing. Or maybe it will just be an obscure not-even-blip on the radar of history; a sad attempt at relevance by a delusional misfit. That’s okay, too. What this is, more than anything else, is something I simply must do. Whether or not any of that makes sense to you, I’m excited for the ride, and I hope you’ll join me.